What are the Digital Archives?

The Digital Archives contain scanned images of HM Land Registry's historical 1862 Act Register. Around 2,000 individual properties were registered in England & Wales. Each registered property was given a unique reference number or 'Title Number'.

The original records are in 272 volumes, containing a mix of handwritten or typed pages made from parchment, waxed linen or paper, and printed documents and deed plans. The digital version is an exact replica of the original paper version.

How to search

You can use five different fields to help you search:

  • Owner's name: the name of the person who was registered as the owner of a registered property.
  • County or parish: where the property is located (based on 1862 boundaries).
  • Title number: the unique reference number given to each property when it was first registered.
  • Volume number: the individual reference number for a book from the collection.
  • Page number: the number of the page within a volume.

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